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then all of a sudden the floor gave way. I plunged 50 feet towards the water. I managed to turn my jetpack on beofre i broke the surface of the water. I flew back up to a platform. On the platform there was a dropship. It was mangaled. A dead clone was against a wall. The wall behind him had been sprayed with blood. A clone pilot lay in the pilot seat his head had been shot clean off. Something was happening here but i did not know what. I stood up beward of someones presance behind me. I withdrew my pistols and turned quickly. A clone stood there shouldering a injured clone.
"please help us"
I looked at them. I nodded. I withdrew my fusion cutter and got to work on the controls of the cockpit. When i could at least fly the dropship. I sat down and took my helmet off. The clone looked at me.
"Your not a clone?"
"No im a republican soldier, I opted to fight in this war, i just wear the clone armour"
A few moments silence past. The ship lifted off the ground.
"why do you have alpha V written on your shoulder if you not a clone?"
"It's a code name" i said simply
"oh" he said again
The ship gained speed. The cannons below followed the ship but did not fire. when the ship was above water the cannons opened fire. I managed to dodge most of the fire but the wing was clipped. Luckily i managed to swing it around a platform and we jumped out becuase the ship was so low. The ship crashed into the one of the platforms and it collapsed into the water. The clone who was injured stood up.
"I thought you were hurt?"
"I will manage,sir"
"yes, you are a member of the republic and you are human that makes you our superior"
"no it-"
A door opened up ahead in the door way was a trandoshan. It stood there looking at us, and then raised a gun.
Not pausing to think i raised my pistols and blasted it.
"We have to make our way to the cloning facility, I need to acess the main frame to see what has happened here"
we set off not knowing what or who we would meet along the way....


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