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Originally Posted by Antistia
Fair point, but can anyone rack up 60+ kills say...using an Imperial pilot?? By which I mean a non-vehicle using Imperial Pilot??

If they can then theyre bloody good....
Bloody Good? How about, learn timing. I average that when playing on hard ^.^. Okay buddy, here's a tip. If you are a normal grunt, throw grenades only at enemies in groups of 3 or more. If not, you're just waisting ammo that you'll regret later on. I usually hold down the primary fire button when I see an enemy and don't let go. If you need to reload, switch to the blaster pistol or throw a 'nade. Play a lot on Citadel and Mos Eisley to get the hang of it before you start playing big choke levels such as Bespin Platforms.

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