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It owuld be also nice to have the ability to weild boht ranged and melee weapon at the same time.
I tried to do this 3 minutes and fourteen seconds into the very first kotor game...

but any ways i think your ideas are good but 300 hours thats pretty step maybe if you could do grinding in a certain area or when your get a new skill you go into a tutorial sorta thing like the style they did in warcraft three (whenever a new unit or technology became available a tip would apear on the screen along with and anouncement then if the skill or unit was required to beat your oppenent it would give you a situation that could be improved significantlyby using this new ability (two good examples are when a party of soldiers were under archer fire and the captain activated his soldiers defend ability and you were advised to do the same the next example when your soldiers were being bombarded by flying beasts and a set of giant spiders come and entangle them in webs enabling your soldiers to attack them with ease while the creatures had reduced range and were quickly over whelmed.

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