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Using Canon Endings for KOTOR III

I noticed that, on wikipedia's site, they seem to believe that the "canon" endings for the first two KOTOR games were LSM based. I'm not sure if they're very reliable to begin with, but in any event, I wonder if the developer would ever consider incorporating the canon stories for either the Exile or Revan into KOTOR 3.

I suppose it might piss off some KOTOR fans, but from the dev side, it would certainly make things easier. I could see the devs pouring over all the possibilities from the first two games and thinking, "Screw this. They were both LSM, ok?"

Personally, I guess it wouldn't really bother me. If the previous LSM endings are actually canon, then there really is only one legit ending anyway.

What do you think? Would it affect your decision to buy the game if they made any major assumptions about how you played the previous games( i.e. made one or both characters LSM)?
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