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Originally Posted by bael1
Download my video tutorial,
even the most ideotic of idiots can understand it lol,
no reading, and you watch everything :P

from getting it in modview, to getting it ingame :P

At least now I know how to change around skins but how do I make new skins? If you know how to stuff for KOTOR then make a video of that to because I cant follow along to well with some of these peoples directions.

One more thing, how do you know which, umm... items to change(I know I dont make sense). What I mean is when you went down that list to add the word bael_ how do you know which ones to change then Im set to go exept the part where I still need to know how to make new skins like Grevious and Anakin and stuff like that.

Almost forgot, where do I put the modview and pakscape stuff at like which folders do I put them at?

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