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Originally Posted by razorace
Well, you'd have to set up the menu system to split up the current "species" selection stuff into Jedi and Sith lists. I imagine you'd have to just use some fancy .menu editting to either hardwire the possible selections or write up some new UI scripts to sort the models into Sith/Jedi catagories.
Aha, that's what I wanted to hear. I saw something about a UI script for the character list, but didn't know where to find it/how to make my own/where to put it so it's overwritten.

I'd probably just examine how the species button on the current menus works and go from there.
yeah, that's what I've done so far, I used the species button as a template, and copied the whole section twice, and made new references as @MENUS_JEDI and @MENUS_SITH. I have the two new buttons on my menu and everything, just don't know how to make 2 lists of models.

If you (or anyone else!) could give me any more info on the UI thing, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks again mate.

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