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The Nebulon - why was it so special...

As some of you know, I am writing a book about the B-Wing, and therefore the Nebulon B Frigate.
However, one thing kept bugging me - what made the Nebulon so special - why was it so much better at the anti-starfighter role than other ships already in service.
Think about this - the top three pet hates of all fighter pilots :
3) Missiles - you always know there are more missiles than you have countermeasures, and with missile boats keeping back under the guard of SDs, its bad.
2) Interceptors - specifically designed to take you down ! Not the greatest of company at ANY battle.
1) The biggy - Crossfire Zones.

Then it hit me - the Nebulon is so good, because it can create it's own crosfire zones !!!!
It came to me when I was looking at a sketch of her form side on, and cotemplating her turbolaser emplacements. Her almost 'dumb bell' shape....

I'll go in to greater detail later, as Im strapped for time at mo, but this is quite a break through, as it also explains why a new class of heavy fighter was needed to explote a weakness inherent in the nebulons design, which is actually also a heavily defended point by 'accident' almost !
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