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Okay - why it is so good - crossfire zones.
It can create a doghnut shaped fire zone about it's pylon in the X/Y plane, and to a lesser extent, the Y/Z plane :
Imagine the Foward set of decks as a sphere, and the rear, egine section of the ship as a sphere. Now have lines radiating out, from their centre, in all directions. On their own, you have a lot of lines - an ugly windmill if you like.
However, join these two spheres by a pylon (rectangle in between of rough scale), and remove lines that would indicate the ship shooting itself, and you will find that above and below the pylon, a pattern of over crossing lines. These are it's crossfire zones !
If a nebulon got between home ship and fighters, the Allinace force is screwed !
Hows THAT for a theory !

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