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Originally Posted by Mira Dona
Ultimately I don't really care who does it, so long as we end up with a great game.

But, I will admit that I think BioWare would be great at it. While really straight forward, their game was all shinny and clean. When I was done with the game, I never thought back on what could have made it better since they got it right the first time. It also did have that great epic feel to it as well. Thinking about them using everything up to this point and then continuing it, well it makes me happy.

The only thing I'd like to add is that BioWare hasn't had a chance to update to it's original. All in all, although Obsidian did a brilliant job of recapping all of the nifty features and unique setup of the first, it felt to me that they just patched KotOR up with a new storyline and a bit more character customization.

I believe BioWare, if given a chance, could work along with Avellone to create an excellent storyline; but at the same time, give the whole game a fresh new look with better, optimized gameplay improvements instead of the same old stuff being re-used.
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