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KotOR III Minigames

I came up with the idea of Dejarik in Knights of the Old Republic a while ago, and I was bummed to see it not in Kotor2. Now just recently I thought of it again for Kotor III as well as some other possibilities for minigames within the third installment.

Dejarik - The game Threepio plays with Chewie in ANH aboard the Falcon -- similiar to chess.
Sabacc - Han Solo and Lando Calrissian's favorite card game -- similiar to Pazaak.
Politics - Rise through the governmental ranks of your favorite KotOR III planet.
Target Practice - Enter first-person mode and shoot katarns, cannoks, gizka, womp rats, or flying duckbats.
Dueling Ring - just one thing I think should return to KotOR; I heavily missed it in the second.

^^ Now come up with your own, or discuss mine, or discuss whether or not you wish Swoop Racing and Turret Gunning to return to KotOR III.
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