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ArC led the group upward through a narrow hole and out into yet another darkened room. Caitlin wondered briefly if Riebe had become strangely attracted to the absence of light, but shook the thought off when the voice of the AI came through to them again.

"Thank you, ArC," the AI said. "You are free to go now."

In the darkness, the group could not see that ArC had moved to leave, but had grabbed Roma on her way out. She clamped her right hand over his mouth and secured both of his arms behind his back in the iron grip of her left hand. In the darkness, the rest of the group heard a door slide open and then closed a few seconds later.

"Now," the AI said to the group. "A question for Craig. Riebe got irritated easily and frequently. What was her trademark response? By trademark response, I mean the one that got into all the jokes ever made that had anything to do with the Sith Hunters."

((Craig gets to answer this... and the answer is that she would pound her right fist against the nearest wall or table... since her right fist was mechanic, the pounding would generally leave a mark in whatever she hit.))

Meanwhile, behind the closed door, ArC let go of Roma. "Sorry I had to do that," she said. "You're making the AI nervous... it doesn't know how to respond to how much you know about Jokemaster."

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