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Originally Posted by Quackass
thats because homophobic parents thought S&M were gay, idiots.

remember on the old forum, someone posted "sam and max are ****ing gay, you are gay" over and over? do you think a teenager, or a little kid would bother writing something like that? it was more likeley the work of an ignorant parent, the same ones that would have wrote fox countless letters saying to get it off the air.

if you ask me, making S&M a kids show was dumb, its not even a comic for kids, it should have been geared towards an older audiance, like the simpsons or family guy.
teenagers and little kids can be homophobes and idiots too

If that's really why fox cancelled the show though, then it was a terrible crime. I always just assumed that fox kids made it a habit of of cancelling every good show they ever get. Either that or I just figured that most kids who watched saturday morning cartoons have bad taste. Kids are probably the worst thing to happen to animation in general.
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