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Originally Posted by RedHawke
........We all know what our Revan and Exile were, and that is all that really matters, to me anyway!
Hehehe, To me Revan will always be my PC from my first playthrough. I played the game both Male and Female with different heads, but to me, the one I used the first time IS Revan. Same goes for the Exile, too.

Although,I would like it if before you started the game, a few questions would pop up. Like so:

Was Ravan a man or a woman?
1. Man
2. Woman
3. What are you talking about?

Was the Exile a man or a woman?
1. Woman
2. Man
3. Still no clue?!?!

Same goes for DS/LS endings. To me, Atton's questions seemed akward. I'd rather just chose the options from the "get go." Plus, IF they make more than three games, it might be easier that way as they get to game 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.......35............(hehehe, yea, I wish!)

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