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Wink KOTOR III Story Ideas

Originally Posted by Darth Havok
Hey, thought it might be nice to see where everyone wants the story in number III to go. Who will be the charactors? Whose going to be the PC this time, the like.
I agree there needs to be some new planets. I think it would be neat to be able to visit some of the old ones as well. I've read most of these posts on new story ideas. One suggests that the Mandalorians be destroyed. That doesn't even follow the KOTOR story since Revan told Canderous to gather the clans on Dxun(revealed in KOTOR II) to aid the Republic.
A really good story line would be for the pc to be a child of Revan. If Revan were played as female or male, the child would have been born before Revan became a Jedi. The age of the child would be just about right since he/she would be about twenty years old. I get this idea from a book I am writing based on Revan being played as a female pc.

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