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Gus was angry. He knew where Jax was, he knew he'd left them on this wasteland they called a planet. He and Mira were stranded. Alone. There was no one else. Suddenly, A loud scream came from nowhere.
"Whos there!?" yelled Gus
The screams came closer and closer. Gus saw Mira trembling. Gus held up his rifle with one hand and pushed Mira onto the ground with the other/
"Stay Low."
Gus swept his gun but found no one. Gus kneeled down next to Mira.
"Gus, What was that."
"I dont know, but I think it st-"
There it was again. Gus felt a chill in the air. He could smell blood in the air. Gus heard another scream, louder this time, he turned as he heard a body hit the ground. Mira was still alive. He looked around some more and saw a bloody corpse in the distance. It was a Rebel Soldier. The corpse stood up, barely and mover towards them. It stopped and fell to the ground. Gus got up and ran towards the man.
"Stay Here Mira!"
Gus kneelded down beside the amn and rolled him over.
The mans- or the things- eyes were glowing dark red, a few bullet holes were in his chest, and bloody fangs hung down from his mouth.
Gus was face-to-face with a Force Ghost.
Gus heard another scream and then he fell to the ground as he saw the force ghost smile and laugh evilly.

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