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Coruscant:Jedi Temple
Dagobah: Dagobah Swamp
Death Star: Death Star Interoir
Endor: Endor Bunker
Geonosis: Dust Plains (or something like that, the video was pretty bad quality so I almost couldn't read it )
Hoth: Echo Base
Jabba's Palace: Jabba's Palace
Kamino: Clone Facility
Mos Eisley: Tatooine: Mos Eisley
Mustafar: Refinery
Naboo: Theed
Polis Massa
Space Felucia
Space Hoth
Space Kashyyk
Space Mygeeto
Space Tatooine
Space Yavin
Space Coruscant
Tantive IV
Yavin 4

Those maps where in a presentation of BFII, so I think these will be included in BFII.
Originally Posted by THE BADGER:
Yeah I listed everything that was in the article. I am guessing they are not putting the old maps in BF II.
I heard they will put all the original maps + the new ones in Battlefront II.

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