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The ship carrying Jax floated in space. The engines had cut out and oxygen was low. Jax lay unconcious on the floor but was starting to stir. He sat up a ringing in his ears. He rubbed his eyes. His lightsaber was ignited. The blue blade had gone. it had been replaced by a red one. Jax reached for it to turn it off. As soon as he touched the hilt he got a shock. where the saber had been in his hand an angry red mark was left. It burned. Jax winced and kicked the saber off. He then say on the piltos seat and looked at the controls. Red lights were flashing. The engines were dead and Oxygen was low. He surveyed the control panel and then kicked it in frustration. Something told him that Gus and Mira were still on the planet he had left. Don had not got them. He was angry. He focused as hard as he could. He knew Jedi's could use telekinesis. He thought at one point he heard Don's voice but he doubted it. His comm link had died and hwas on his own. The radar beeped. Jax glanced at it. A small fighter was coming. maybe he could somehow board it? he looked in the comparments. Yes there was a space suit he could use. He put it on and put a cord attatching hims self to the ship. He grabbed his lightsaber. With gloves on he did not get shocked but he felt a tingling sensation in his fingers. He opened the air lock and jumped out. He looked around. He could clearly see a Tie fighter of some sought coming his way. It kept coming. It stopped. He managed to propel himself. towards it. It was empty. Strange. Jax got in and the hatch closed. He took control and turned the ship around. sudenly a shcok ran through his body and he blacked out again.The Tie turned and headed back towards the Emperor's Servant


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