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(i kinda need seb to post here cus he's the emperors servant person here so im gunna use Don)

The shuttle docked with the rebel cruiser "Ghost Town" ironically named as it was one of the biggest cruisers the alliance had and could carry more people than most cruisers. Don had waited on the planet for Gus and Mira but he could not contact them. When an AT-ST turned up Don had got them out. Dave would return with a bigger force. Don was gearing up. He knew Jax was in trouble he just knew it. He was going to send Carlson and Dave down to help Gus and Mira but he himself was going after Jax. true to his word he has returned Nekx's body. He knew something was wrong with Jax. Jax had freaked out when he heard the name "emperors servant"...why? Don didn't know. Befpre he left the hanger he went to the bridge and asked the captain if "emperors servant" meant anything to him. He turned pale but said a little too firmly "no, never". So Don set of to the hanger and met Dave and Carlson gearing up the shuttle. They looked worried but wished him luck. Don got into his A wing fighter. He normally flew a B wing but he needed speed. Also his B wing did not have 2 seats. His A wing he had made himself with some help from Jax. It was longer than the average A wing and was more protected. It's armour was stronger and it was also faster. It also had a gun like a standar Y wing on the top which could swivel 360* which could be used by the co-pilot. He jumped in and started it up. He hadn't flown her for a while put he patted the controls lovingly and flew out of the hanger. Don had a lock on Stu's ship. The rebels had stored tracking devices on some of their ship such as Stu's firespray and the shuttles. Don put on a burst of speed and disapeared from the view of the rebel cruiser....


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