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Originally Posted by Darth54
I don't want to sound harsh or anything, but Jedi are part of Star Wars, whether you like it or not.
Well yeah, of course, but does it make sense to put them in a game like Battlefront, where you play as the soldiers? Don't make me quote Mace from AotC... because what he says is exactly why Jedi SHOULD NOT BE PLAYABLE. There are a few maps, Geonosis, Felucia, Mygeeto, and Kashyyyk (NOT Yoda though, but there was Luminara Unduli on the ground), where Jedi did take a part in leading the clones into battle. But that doesn't mean that they need to be PLAYABLE. They should be AI-controlled.

Originally Posted by Darth54
If you want to play a Jedi-free game, you should really stick to Battlefield 2.
Why can't they just supply a decent battlefield-type Star Wars game? As awesome as BF2 is, it's not Star Wars. Really, I'd have been so much happier if instead LA decided to team up with DICE and make SWBF2 actually an expansion pack for BF2, instead of using the same crappy engine, physics, etc. from SWBF.
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