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Originally Posted by Prime
They are correct. Lucasarts has officially stated that the LSM storyline is the canon version, and that is the same for all Star Wars games where applicable, (Like the JK series). The reason they do that is so the KOTOR stories can be used in the overall Star Wars lore as a concrete series of events.
Actually, I don't think the Exile's gender has been 100% finalized yet. Revan is LSM, but Exile is still being debated about. Tasty Taste (Lelland Chee, the continuity guru for LFL) on the official Star Wars forums said he's pushing for a female Exile to be canon.

As for the topic, IMO whichever works best for the story. If they can craft a beautiful story around having the gender being open to choose from, great. But if the story would be that much better if they chose the canon gender/alignment for Revan and Exile, great. I see Revan and the Exile as a specific alignment and gender, but I'm flexible enough to overlook it if the story makes sense.
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