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Ive just been playing this and it is truely awful. Why?

I have that super beast of a PC and the graphics are nothing more than average. The mission is boring and its just basically Rise of Nations rebadged AOE 3 but taking out the fun from Rise Of The Nations.

The AI is shocking! It would sit and watch units getting stuck, workers just standing around because they cant find a spot to mine(for example) - fine in a game from 10 years ago but when your troopers just sit around watching the dude next to them get blasted to bits, its not good, especially as you are also limited to issue commands.

There are a couple of nice touches as AOE removes the need to build dozens of farms, allowing you to assign upto 10 farmers per Mill. But it doesnt nothing outstanding and theres nothing really new - including the sound.

Its hard to judge the big RTS battle but so AOE isnt going to set the world alight.

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