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I'm more concerned about how they will implement the control of forces itself. I would think (from the trailers with their amazingly portrayed battles) that the confusion of a 3-D, ROTJ style space battle would be very difficult to control in real time.

And this game is going to be taking place between ROTS and ROTJ, but even then if there is a battle akin to the Battle of Coruscant, that's a big problem of scope. Imagine having to highlight boxes around a group of fighters and tell them to do something in that huge fighting area in 3-D. Ouch! They better have a killer intuitive interface for all this (if anyone remembers how this can kill a game, reference Force Commander).

I hope they can do it in such a way as to let players who like to micromanage things (like myself) and those who want to command the whole deal from a larger position as supreme war commander (or whatever that title would be, Emperor?) have their time in the chair and not feel they've been left out.

Is this not going to be a traditionally controlled RTS? I confess I have been out of the info loop for awhile, so it would be nice to know this. If they can do it great, but I would think previously used game solutions like non-realtime space battles or "2-D plane" just wouldn't do it justice.

Time to seperate the cutscenes from the actual gameplay here methinks!

Also, I see the game has been delayed 3 months. I hope they use that time wisely to improve the game (and not have a half-finished disaster like SWBF or Republic Commando) and make it a polished product for both Single AND more importantly, Multiplayer!

Good luck LucasArts/EaW team!

And yes, I hope there is a demo, showing off both the Space and Ground combat.

Edit: After watching the video from that Middle Earth guy I have a lot of my questions answered (though I'd still like to know how it "feels" to control the space units). It reminds me a LOT of Emperor: Battle for Dune (2001), which was based on C&C (though I guess you won't be doing resource management here).

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