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((Hey, man, that's fine. I understand that real life is much more important. That said, I'll slip back into fiction ))

"Correct," the AI answered. "A bit of Riebe trivia here... when there was no wall or table near her right hand, Riebe made a fist with that hand. Because she was right handed, she often found the need to repair her lightsaber... it kept getting crunched."

The lights came on and it was now visually obvious that Roma and ArC were no longer with them. Nadira sighed.

"I'm glad I didn't drop this datapad when ArC joined us," she said. "If I had, we'd have had to go back for it now that she's not here to guide us."

They followed the datapad's directions to the nearest door. A long hallway stretched out before them, but Nadira went to the first door on the right. It opened and she gave a little exclamation of surprise as she stepped through. They were now on the surface of Coruscant, many levels below civilization.

"Eyes open," Caitlin muttered, placing her right hand near her lightsaber to be ready for anything.


"Wake up," ArC said several hours later. She reached behind to shake Roma gently. "We're almost there."

She brought the fighter out of hyperspace and detached from the hyperspace ring (yes, it's older technology, but seeing how it's Riebe's ship, shouldn't it be? ). The planet before them appeared to be made up of mostly desert, but there was a small ring of hills that surrounded a city and not far from that, a small forrest could be seen.

"The Watchtower," ArC said. "Or as Riebe now prefers to call it, Gerv. We'll be meeting her in just about another hour."

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