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I just finished playing a skirmish mission on the demo and I am also highly disapointed. The graphics weren't too great (in todays standards). I actually would say Age of Mythology has better graphics (i could be wrong havent played it in a while). The gameplay was somewhat boring, it was basically the same as AoK. I did like the cards, but that was about it. Some of the treasure stuff you find is kinda cool. Also the units werent too amazing, the musketeer animations werent all to good, and not too powerful at that matter.
Also the AI needs a super workup. When I would attack a pirate treasure thing, they didnt fight back. I dont know if that is intintinal (blah spelling) but it isnt realistic. i dont think a pirate would run after being shot at.... maybe some.... but not all.
All in all, highly disapointing.

Graphics : 6/10
Gameplay : 4/10
Overall : 3/10

I love the AoE series but i just dont like this.
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