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Curt took out his datapad form his sleeve and pressed a button, the datapad turned into a small motion sensor, it went off, but it was silent so only Curt knew it was going off.
"Keep moving I'll join up later." Curt said as he dissappeared into the shadows.
He followed the sensor, closer and closer until he saw it, a group of bandits and muggers waiting for the group to turn the corner. For some reason Curt wasn't thinking of himself and decided it was time to put something more important first. He took out his Blade and snuk behind one guy, sliced his neck, shot two shots at two of them, they were dead and the other three advanced on him. He rolled behind a crate to get cover from blaster shots, he then threw out a piece of metal to act as decoy and then popped out a shot the last three.
"when did they start thinking they were better than me?" Curt whispered and smirked.

((in case you haven't noticed Curt has a lot of technological crap, mainly because you guys have the force, so he has to have some advantage too))

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