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(may i join in?

name:HV-77,everyone calls him 'assassin'
species:assassination and infiltration droid.
weapons:any ranged weapon,any melee weapon(including saber),any grenade,any wrist weapon,wrist rocket,optic radar,inhanced hearing,and jetpack 'shoes'
armor:jedi civil war armor
bio:a very old droid model who was found by jawas and sold to a trader headed for alderann,he killed his master and is now a free droid who appears to carry a voice-locked pack with about a million passwords.

HV-77 walked around the streets of alderann,when all of a sudden he heard blaster shots and an explosion coming from a factory.he flied off towards the factory and armed his wrist rocket with a plasma rocket.he fired away and jetted down into the factory.he noticed three worker corpses and alot of deactivated droids.he heard three droids talking and headed off towards them."what is going on here and who are you three?" HV asked them.

the covenant is invading!

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