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I think trying to make a target range mini game for K3 would be an utter flop
Its an RPG, not an FPS. FPS+SWRPG =

Anyhow, I agree with everything Ztalker said and that part about dueling, in K2 you (if you are/were a male character) you could duel the handmaiden every 5 or 6 lvl ups but that was about it <_<

It might also be interesting to be able to modify your ship (possibly Ebon Hawk) but I was kinda bored with the fact that I was on a smugglers ship but I barely got to use all the stuff a smuggler would use... 1 or 2 turrret battles, and thats it. Not cloaking feilds, no escape pods, no seceret storage compartments (with the exception of the little thing with that guy on nar Shadda)... zip.

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