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But then those who play shooters before battlefield was released could say they ripped off all those games such as counter strike and wolfenstein
Ha, I remember Wolfwnstein, I played that game all the time when it came out. I guess that makes me old then.

Wrong, they were serving as commanders and generals, not grunts.
Well they fought on the front lines in that battle, commanders and generals don't fight on the front line. And I don't remember one clone trooper on the ground either, they were in the gunships. It was just Jedi, and Padma, on the ground fighting. And they fought on the front lines with the troopers on Princess Amidala's planet. Naboo was it?

Well, the fight between playable, and non playable Jedi starts again. There really is no reason to worry about it, the host can turn them off it he wishes.

And Vader is in the Death Star, I missed that map when I was typing.

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