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Originally Posted by THE BADGER:
Well they fought on the front lines in that battle, commanders and generals don't fight on the front line. And I don't remember one clone trooper on the ground either, they were in the gunships. It was just Jedi, and Padma, on the ground fighting.
Exactly! Is a general still a general if he doesn't have any troops to command?

Originally Posted by Rebel_Trooper
I suppose however that some hosts WILL turn them off, and instant action is always there, so all hope is not lost.
All hope is not lost??!!?

Actually, that's exactly the point of view I'm fighting against. We shouldn't see playable Jedi as a flaw, but as an additional feature. Lets not forget that if one entirely scraps the jedi/hero concept, battlefront 2 only brings space battles and new skins for the republic. Maps? Everybody can do maps (and some user-created maps are indeed superior to the official ones). That's not much for a full game, isn't it?

Originally Posted by Darth Arrow
I don't see how this rips battlefield off... Its in 3rd person for a start!
Bfront can be played on both modes

I personally don't consider Bfront as a rip-off. But many people do. Remember when bfront came out? How many topics have we had with a subject similar to "poor man's battlefield"?

Reviewers on various websites also compared Bfront to Bfield and used this to discredit Bfront. That obviously makes a very bad argumentation, but we can't deny the fact that people do compare these games, and that Bfront 1 didn't bring much to fight against the already-popular Bfield games.

The thing is, from a technical point of view, Bfront only appealed to SW fans. When you design a game, you want as many people as possible to enjoy it.

Bfront 2 brings space battles and Jedi. These two aspects are new to the genre (unless you count the Bfield SW mod; in that case, only the Jedi and heroes will make Bfront unique).

So what I'm saying is that having playable Jedi is a unique feature, and it should be considered as such.

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