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Originally Posted by Darth54
Actually, that's exactly the point of view I'm fighting against. We shouldn't see playable Jedi as a flaw, but as an additional feature. Lets not forget that if one entirely scraps the jedi/hero concept, battlefront 2 only brings space battles and new skins for the republic. Maps? Everybody can do maps (and some user-created maps are indeed superior to the official ones). That's not much for a full game, isn't it?
So what I'm saying is that having playable Jedi is a unique feature, and it should be considered as such.
That is an intresting point of view. Although you could argue that SWBF2 is more of an expansion than a full game (same engine anybody?), plus you get the extra character class.

Ultimately, you are right, and I will keep my judgement on Jedi personal in the future until I have played them myself. Then I will decide if they fit. Not now.

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