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Originally Posted by Black Eagle
I'm making a clan centered around piloting starfighters, for more info e-mail me at or respond to this post. Even if you don't think your very good I like to see what you've got.

BTW- This is a PS2 online clan
That would make sense because of the new game. We have been having DOGFIGHTS on our private servers. BESPIN PLATFORMS & TATTOINE DUNE SEA.

Click on my sig to visit our site and forum. Or post back here. I am on usually at night.

Right now, CB001 and CB019 NOTD are good to find CS members. Our server is only put up on Thursdays and Sundays. We use it for BOOT CAMP, DOGFIGHTS, and our COUNCIL meetings.

Not interested in joining another clan but would love to shoot you down in a DOGFIGHT.


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