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name:delta 43
specialist:assassination,infiltration,security,ste alth,commando
weapons:DC-17 rifle and attatchments,five thermals detonators,four adhesive grenades,9 cryoban grenades,devastating plasma and EMP mines,active camo,optic radar,grappling hook,dual pistols,any weapon found or parts

i was on approach to coroscaunt,hearing the news about the seperatist attack."it was only a matter of time before the seperetists attacked the core worlds." i thought.a few seconds afterwards i was right outside the space battle.i flew in,lasers and missles by one the droid shuttles fell.they werent expecting a single pilot in an unmarked vehicle to attack them.i flew straight at a seperatist capital ship and blasted open the hanger shuttle screecjed to a stop and i hopped out blasting every droid i saw."standard least they werent expecting me" i said to myself,looking around at the droid parts.i looked up,blasted a hole in the ventilation shafts,and headed into the shafts with a grappling hook.i listened closely for any certain voices.near one shaft i heard alot of droids talking.probably programmed to have independant minds so they had better skills.i looked down.i was right." many of them...if i attacked head on with blasters id end up alpha 92.." i said to myself."but there are other ways to remove droids.." luckily i had brought grenades with me.i tossed a few thermals down and the droids scattered,although they all ended up scrap metal."hmm...others obviously heard the explosion.maybe i should plant mines.." i said to myself.i locked my grappling hook to the shafts ceiling and dropped down.after the mines were placed i grappled back up to enjoy the show.severel super droids came running down the hall,and then ended up as parts flying into walls.i advanced through the shafts and fell far down at one end.i grabbed a ledge and attatched my grappling hook to the bridge.i looked over and ducked down again."the power core......if i can take out that this ship will go with wonder its gaurded by practically a million droidekas" i thought to myself."why am i hiding when i have active camoflauge?" it was rather odd i forgot my own equipment.i switched on active camoflague and set mines everywhere.just ot make sure the droidekas didnt see me on my way out i planted 5 cryoban grenades to freeze them in their tracks.after all the charges were set i ran back to the hanger avoiding anyone could have guessed droids were investigating my shuttle.i dropped down into the hanger,guns blazing.i noticed a deactivated droid in a corner who didnt seem to pose a threat,and looked smarter and more independant then any droid i had ever seen.the escape pods were near by and i decided to launch the droid towards tatooine,knowing the jawas would keep him safe.after that i hopped in my shuttle and flew out of the seperatist ship before it was completely destroyed."well thats about a million less droids on coroscaunt.that was just a scout ship,probably.time to head into the real battle." i said,flying directly into a fire fight...

the covenant is invading!

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