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((Makes perfect sense Curt, but you have to understand while we have Force, you DO have wit. It's like a game of D&D. While we as Jedi have lots of Wisdom for Force, you have Intelligence for technology, wit, etc.))

"You want my honest opinion?" He said, looking at them. "I'm getting the funny feeling we're being stalled, or Riebe is going through some extrenuous lengths to make sure it's really us. The only thing is a clone can be given knowledge just like anyone else, so I don't know really what we're proving here. It's things that the person developed on their own in their own mind set that should really show her who we really are, such as fighting styles, ways of thoughts, personal actions and choices. Clones can't copy those." He stated in a calm tone.

"Think about it," he continued, "Most clones made nowadays are dumbed down versions of the real ones, because no one wants to make something they can't later get rid of. Why do you think Jango Fett's clones had their sense of individuality removed? Why do you think they weren't the same as Fett? Because if the Republic had one million clones of Jango Fett, flying around on jetpacks and dual wielding, there's no way they'd have become the dumbed down Stormtroopers they are today."

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