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Originally Posted by Darth54
It's a confrontation. Therefore, it's a battle. Yes, it did spark the huge geonosis battle. But it was a battle in it's own right.
What I'm talking about is the Battle of Geonosis.

Originally Posted by Darth54
That doesn't really prove anything. They might be part of different organizations, but the Jedi are the "generals" of an army. That army happens to be the Grand Army of the Republic. Like I said, a general is a rank - you have to be part of the army to bear that rank.
Not really. You just have to be in a position of command. I mean, George Bush isn't in the army, but he's commander-in-chief.

Originally Posted by Darth54
The separatists are basically a bunch of allied factions, yet you play them as a single side in Bfront 2.
Totally different situation. The Separatist factions all pledged their armies to the leaders of the Confederacy. The Jedi Council did NOT pledge the Jedi Order to the Grand Army.
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