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*(Looks around in blank confusion at the new surroundings.)*

What the...? Tarnation! They gots transporters here--!

Anyway, I was done discussing SLAM. Now I'd like to talk cooking.

Has anyone seen the little 'chai tea' blends now available in the stores? Well, I tried a couple kinds, and they tasted horrible! I'm spoiled, though, since I worked in a Punjabi Indian restaurant for awhile, and learned how to make chai masala tea from people who barely speak English. The Punjabi way is delicious, and easy! All you need is a pot, a strainer and the following ingredients:

Black mamri tea
Whole brown and green cardamoms
Fennel seed
'Ajuan' (sp?)

Simply boil two quarts water with two tsp. tea, 7 tsp. sugar, a pinch of fennel seed, a pinch of 'ajuan' (available in Asian markets,) seven freshly crushed green cardamoms and one brown one. After fifteen minutes boiling, add milk to original level and return to boil. Strain into cups and enjoy.

Yummy tea.

"Hey, me pull a rabbit out of my--Help! Help! It's got me--!"
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