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Games tobe HEAVILY regreted :

I know that they have their own followings, but still, the following were a BAD idea :
1) Jedi Force Battle (Im sorry - but I cannot find a single good point to this game anywhere other than you can play as Qui Gon Jinn !)
2) Gungen Frontier (Naff !)
3) Pit Droids (DOUBLE NAFF !)
4) Droid Works (I think - not actually played so correct me if im REALLY wrong)
5) Episode 1 (..............)
6) Bom Bad Racing (SADDDDDDDDD !!!!! PPPPOOOORR !)
7) Demolition (Um - really suits the basis...)

Games NOT to be regreted :
1) ENTIRE X-Wing Series (Got better, and better, and better, and then we got Alliance !)
2) SNES Trilogy games (well - classics, and on a nintendo machine)
3) Force Commander (ATATs all OVER the place - and their MINE !)
4) Rogue Squadron (well - 2nd greatest SW Fighter sim after X-Wing Alliance (V-Wing ROX ! Hats of to creator))
5) Rebellion / Supremecy (SSD's and their ALL mine !! HAHAHAHAHA !!)
6) Arcade Trilogy Machines (OH BABY what a machine !)
7) Pod Racer (The dreamcast version LOOKS so REAL !)
8) Shadows of the Empire (Close call though....)

Games to be sorted :
1) Episode 1 : Star Fighter (Prediction - ummm - judgement reserved)
2) Obi Wan (Prediction - Looks hot people)
3) Battle for Naboo (Prediction - Poor Rogue Squadron spin off)

Let the slagging off commence !

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