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Before Caitlin could answer, the street seemed to fall out from underneath the group, sending them plunging into the dark. The street closed over them and their sight was entirely lost.

"Ah, good," a menacing voice said. "You've made it. And you will be sorry that you have."

"I think you got your wish for a fight," Caitlin muttered to Craig.


Meanwhile, on the Watchtower, ArC had opened the cockpit of the fighter and jumped out. She turned to Roma.

"Follow me closely," she said. "I'm going to walk very quickly and in some places, if you aren't almost touching me, you'll be lost."

With that, she hurried off. She led him through the city they landed in and began explaining a few things.

"The city is called Andarin," she said. "It has always been the only city on the planet, but it began as more of a small town. Under Riebe's watchful eye, it has grown rapidly. She hand picks new citizens and prosecutes those who do not follow the strict rules that were set up millenia ago on this planet... back when it was still called Gerv."

She continued walking and soon turned off the main street. Left. Left. Right. Left. Right. Right. Left. Open a door. Down on a lift about three levels. Right. Up two levels.

It was almost a maze... in fact, that's exactly what this part of the city was. Riebe designed it as a safe place for the people if any invasion should occur. And it had become the place in which she hid when she did not want to be found. Only ArC could navigate it with the same ease that Riebe could... and that's because ArC helped build it.

"Here," ArC said finally, coming to a sudden halt at a rather plain door. She stepped forward and the door opened. On the other side, sitting in a meditative position with her back turned to them, was Riebe Sothe, former leader of the Sith Hunters.

"Welcome, Roma," she said quietly, her back still turned to him.

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