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I'l explain my point a bit more, since i had to train soccer the other time >_< (cool though)

-Pod Racing is a faster racing game then swoop-racing, and it has an even bigger illegal circuit surrounding it. ANs off course, it would be a excuse to go and kill some Hutt if you are Darksided, or if you are lightsided to infiltrate it.
-Creating your own custom robes: Viasa had her own, Kreai had her own, in the movies every robes was different. And i'd like to see the Leather vest over the Tunic, like Ki-Al Mundi and Anakin have. It makes a Guardian cooler, i'd say. Of course this means you can put the hood down too, and remove the cape, etc.
I think messing with colours would be cool, and together with a better character custimisation interface, it can really be YOU.
-Make your own fighterstyle: I thought of this idea: Once so often you get a style point (like in Guild Wars) Then you go to a trainer in the Academy, and you can add a new part of your style. Every little part has a little boost or downside. I think it would ROCK!
-Khoonda Situation: Just saw Attack of the Clones to much....point taken
-Make own lightsaber hilts: I just LOVED the USM, and think it should be build in the actual game, but more like a edit-option when creating it.


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