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"I don't think so. When Revan answered that question, his mind was full of false memories.

It's more likely that Kreia was right - she said Revan was born beyond the Outer Rim.

What makes you think that Delaria isn't in the Outer Rim. He said clearly:
"Delaria, a remote planet in the Outer Rim. Why?"
So, obviously, Revan was born and raised on Delaria.

"I think she was raised on Coruscant, and then went to Dantooine when she achieved the rank of Padawan. Kavar is a member of the High Jedi Council, so he would naturally be on Coruscant. Kavar also says to the Exile "When I first sparred with you, I could tell that you were different." I doubt Kavar would travel halfway across the galaxy just to spar with some Padawans, so that must imply the Exile lieved on Coruscant.
Vrook was a member of the High Counsil, and he didn't live in a fancy appartment on Coruscant, so that doesn't have to mean that Kavar never went to some planet to check on some students.

But, who are we to deciede?
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