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(Oh man, I'm so very sorry. I sort of got behind on all my activities, because I've been learning PHP, BASIC, reading developer newsletters, chatting on several different forums, and just having fun browsing the Internet. Sorry guys, I'll try my best not to do that again. Now, the Emperor's Servant is the most powerful ship at this moment in the galaxy. It is a fully equipped Eclipse-class super star destroyer or star dreadnaught, whichever you prefer. Supported by thirty other Victory and Imperial class star destroyers, plus loads of lancer frigates, escort ships, and more, there is little stopping it. No more can be said for now, and I win this game. Only I.)

Sergeant Renae had came to a Lambda shuttle, along with corporal Fejia, five army soldiers, and an officer. Together they boarded the transport, knowing exactly what was happening.
Renae was in the back of the shuttle when it took off, gaining altitude and leaving the atmosphere of the planet. He was switching his uniform into his stormtrooper outfit, as was corporal Fejia. When done, they had already left the planet. Both Renae and Fejia walked into the cockpit, staring into space.
"Is that it, sir?" Fejia asked.
"That is it," the sergeant answered.
"Quiet, you two." The officer said.
From the comlink in the cockpit of the shuttle came a voice demanding verification codes and cargo destination.
"Alpha three one decimal six five nine, hyphen one six one two. Eight men, and some disabled artillery or worn-out equipment, requesting permission to board." Replied the officer.
The whole thing sounded so proper and planned out, and they were indeed given access to the ship's docking bay number 62. From a distance, the lamda shuttle was nearing nothing, but however, if you looked close enough with the right precision, you could see pure black (often a little bit shiny) plates and lights all over a huge star destroyer shape in space. Then, also, if you looked around the vast beast, you could see dozens and dozens of other ships including support ships of all kinds. And of course you could see TIE fighters just swarming around the ships. Mostly the rare remote-control or droid fighter sorts.
Within another minute or so, they had made it to their docking bay and shut down the engines and landed. Everyone moved back towards the lift on the shuttle. With Fejia and Renae on the sides, and the army troopers behind him, the officer walked down the shuttle's little lift. They were warmly greeted by about six officers, and the hangar felt like home. Lit up by every little measurement, and shiny metal was seen everywhere. Beautiful.
The officers all met up, and the usual routine took place, but the two stormtroopers just walked over to the turbolift, and prepared to take it down quite a ways. The final battle was about to occur, and the Galactic Empire would be victorious. Afterall, the young Rebel on the TIE droid may just die how it is, because nobody ever said that a TIE droid's navigation meant perfection, did they?

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