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Originally Posted by Darth54
Glad we're talking about the same thing.
No, it seems you're talking about the fight between a number of Jedi and droids. That is not the Battle of Geonosis... it is the conflict that sparked the massive battle we know as the Battle of Geonosis. But I fail to see why you would be talking about it, because that's not even where the battle in the game takes place.

Originally Posted by Darth54
There are plenty of "civils" who work for the army.
Work FOR the army is right. The Jedi are not IN the army, they work FOR it.

Originally Posted by Darth54
Indeed, but the Jedi have pledged their help to the republic. The Grand Army and the Jedi Order are working together in the war. While the the BF1 side was "officially" referred to as "the republic clone army", things have changed since AotC. We're no longer talking about the clone army, we're talking about the republic itself.
Pledge their help to the Republic is one thing. The Separatist factions actually agreed to compile all their forces into one big Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Jedi never pledged such a thing.

Oh and, the argument that "if you don't like Jedi, turn them off" falls flat on its face. Unless you have your own server YOU DO NOT CHOOSE TO ALLOW OR DISALLOW JEDI. Even if you deny the chance to use the Jedi, someone else will surely take it. Unless there is a filter on the server browser for servers that allow Jedi and which don't, but I don't think the devs would be clever enough to think of that.
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