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Does the dev team even know what republic clone troopers are?

do they? they've had Windu alive in the temple attack, they have Jango on the battle for Kashyyk, they call the galactic marines "clone commander", and the actual commander, commander Baacara, "Heavy Trooper" >_> they gave Luke a green saber on Hoth (lazy buggers) and gave Aayla Secura two sabers (there must be a reason for this), even had 501st troopers on Utapu. and ofcorse, they gave the magna gaurds guns. and, they might even have the BOH. WHY would you want the BOH in a battle front game?! it's not designed for Jedi dueling! and apparently, Rebels that have LAAT's (Republic Gunships) in space. W. T. F. Yoda has his saber on Dagobah (altho that is cool, fighting as him in Degobah) somehow they have Palpatine on DStar2 WITH his red saber
let me re-phrase the title, have the dev team watched ANYTHING to do with Star Wars- ever?

so I ask you, dose the team just go on instinct, or guess work? did some one have to explain to them what Star Wars is when they signed up? or do they know more about Star Wars than we think, but are too lazy to skin a different trooper for each planet?

*edit* and I just heard that they have removed Rhen Var and Bespin, dammit they were some of my faverote maps, I love the bespin platforms map!
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