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well becuase you havn't posted for a while and wer can't control you (stu) we made it so he has gone missing. pretty much the story is...

jax, Mira, and other rebel soliders went to find Stu after the phantom ended. They found Stu's firespray ship but not stu. The firespray had been flown there by the bounty hunter. They assumed you had been on the firespray ship. So the bounty hunter left you there and no one has seen you since.

and thats pretty much the stu far

Don had come across the abandoned firespray ship little less that ten mniutes ago. Don had searched it using a space suit and line. The engines had died a while ago and the oxygen supply was gone. there was no sighn of jax. A space suit was missing from the storrage and Don assumed that jax had taken it to stay alive. Don had then checked the area around the firespray. There was evidence of Tie fighter activity. Don had assumed the worse. He returned to his A wing. On the radar a faint dot was moving away from him. He sped after it. As he got much larger ship appeared on the radar. It was far away but moving at a steady pace towards the rebel's position. Don knew then that this was the emperors servant. Don came acorss the droid Tie a short while afterwards. He knew the droid would not change it's coarse unless Don changed it. Don fired an EMP at the droid and it became lifeless. Don was not about to try and mount the Tie so he towed it back to the rebel cruiser, Ghost Town. Jax was almost dead. He was very pale and his hair was on end. he had a scorch mark on his face. He had been to taken the medical facility...

Jax awoke to aches and pains all over his body. He sat up. The medical droid turned
"oh you are awake sir"
"what? where am I?"
"you are in the medical centre unboard the rebel crusier Ghost town"
"what? how?-"
Don walked through the door
"Jax you're awake!"
Don grabbed jax's shoulder and pulled him into a hug. Jax's face stung
"oh sorry jax" Don said as he saw Jax wince from the pain
"how?" Jax repeated again
"I found the Tie, it's in the hanger now, sgt. ramoan is having tests run on it"
Jax was confused but did not want to persue the matter
"and....the emperors ser-"
Don gave him a server look
He swallowed
"it's coming"
Jax stared
"It's coming...."
But jax knew why. There was only one reason why the emperors servant would come after exterminate them
Jax jumped out of the bed. He ran to his room. He quickly found his jump suit and put it on.
Don appeared at the door
"how can you expect to figh against this?"
"how do you expect to run? It will catch us either way!"
Jax grabed his helmet and walked towards the bridge, The captain looked up at him scared
"you've heard?"
"yes, sir we have no choice....we have to fight it"
"I know, it will find us where ever we go....but we have no hope of winning"
"maybe sir but we must try"
"hmmmm, yes i know....This will be the biggest space war we have ever seen, every single rebel cruiser ans fighter will go to battle"
Jax had a sudden idea
"sir there is a way would could reduce the loses in space"
"draw them onto the planet below, if we could set up some deffences, we could draw them onto land, the biggest war we have ever known, even bigger than the clone wars"
The captain looked at Jax
"so be it"

Hey guys before this fight starts i think we should make a new topic...this is no lnger about the phantom this is about survival. This will be the biggest fight between the rebels and the imperials ever! so we should make a new topic....any ideas on what to call it?


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