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[Edit: Sorry for the long post guys, went into a bit of detail here because if there was one thing Riebe probably noticed that would stand out in a fight, was he excelled greatly at tests or duels where lack of sight was evident. Whether or not you choose to make Caitlin, Nadira, and Erica notice is up to you.]

Craig and his clone never spoke, but continued to fight in an impressive duel of speed and technique.

Finally, after a few moments, Craig finally spoke, "Impressive..very impressive. But you definately are nothing like me."

The clone responded, "I have been perfected. I know everything about your moves."

Craig grinned, "You may, but whether or not you can perform them makes me better than you. Besides..." Craig made a swift kick at the clone's leg, knocking the clone down to one knee. He then put his lightsaber at his neck. "You aren't half of what I am. Half the data needed to be recorded to make a perfect clone of me hasn't been recorded, because no one has seen that part of me," he said in a low tone, his voice growing slightly deeper, and the red glow in his eyes intensifying. He moved back and the clone arose.

"Your abilities with the Force will not help you here," scoffed the clone.

"You have only proved my point. This is not the Force you are seeing." He growled, and held his lightsaber at his side with one hand. "Fight me."

The clone came at Craig in anger, swinging furiously at him. Craig moved his lightsaber in a blur, his other hand sitting behind his back, blocking every attack with ease.

"Now I know you are a mere clone. I would never attack in fury like that," Craig said with a smirk, and proceeded to walk forward slowly, swinging as swiftly as he had been blocking before, giving the clone quite a hard time and forcing him to move backwards swiftly to avoid several strikes.

The glow in Craig's eye subsided and he began to fight once more, closing his eyes and relying on his senses. He could feel Caitlin and Erica's presence in the room. Craig knew they'd be able to take care of themselves, he wasn't worried about that, he was worried about running into them in his display of combat. He began to concentrate and decided now would be an ideal time to just end it.

He decided to use a move he had learned how to do rather well when fighting another lightsaber duelist in the past, one that Riebe had noticed he learned to use quite often in the past.

He proceeded in taking two strikes at his clone, then when his clone returned with a strike, he drew his pistol swiftly and shot at the clone's feet, causing him to stumble backwards to avoid it. He took this moment to swing swiftly, still relying on his senses rather than his eyes, and cut the hilt of the clone's blade. Now disarmed, Craig leaped up and kicked the clone down. He then proceeded in delivering the final blow, ending his duel. Craig opened his eyes and moved to help the other three if they had not defeated their clones yet.

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