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((I think Nadira's the closest one to you at the moment...))

Caitlin and Erica fought in perfect harmony with each other, falling back into the patterns they'd used when they were Master and Apprentice. Caitlin grinned thoughtfully as she realized that this was the way Riebe had seen them most often.

Erica was amused at how the clones fought. Some of their moves were rather graceful, but they were designed to fight singly. When it came to fighting in harmony as she and Caitlin were doing, their clones often got in each other's way.

Soon, Caitlin and Erica were fighting back to back, swirling around and around in a circle, first engaging their own clone, and then that of the other woman. Finally, Erica knocked her clone's left hand lightsaber away, blocked right saber with right saber, and drove her own left saber through the clone's chest.

"I'd feel bad about killing you," Erica said quietly. "But you were created and trained to kill me... you are not truly alive." The clone fell back, gasping in pain. In a few seconds, she was dead.

Caitlin had only a single lightsaber and likewise, her clone also had only one. When Erica had killed her clone, Caitlin decided to stop toying with hers. A powerful blow knocked the clone backward, struggling to regain her defences. A strong upward slash, knocked the clone's lightsaber out of her hand and Caitlin spun around trailing her lightsaber behind her and beheaded her clone.

"That's gotta hurt," she muttered. Erica stood next to her and they glanced around for the flashing of lightsabers. Almost immediately, they saw Craig approaching to help Nadira.

Nadira was holding her own, but she found that she had not had quite as much saber training as her clone had.

"Isn't it sort of funny that you've had more training than your original?" she said. She was actually rather relieved when Craig came to her aid. With the clone partially distracted, Nadira managed to cut her in half.

"Oh, that's not a good way to go," she said quietly. As they regrouped, they heard the laughter of the Cloner.

"Good," he said. "I want to see Craig in action once more." He stepped into the little light there was. It was a clone of Jokemaster. "Yes, I am a clone. But intelligent clones can become cloners and this I have done."

"Fight me, Craig," he said. "If you defeat me, you will move on and be rejoined with your friend Curt. If not, none of you will live."

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