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Yeah lets see how BF2 is before we start talking about a BF3.

I'm a bit dissapointed at the clone skins too, but I don't think the devs think that players will really care, they probably think that we care more about balanced classes and cool maps then if a clones armor fits the enviroment it is. Well at least they got the pilot droid right this time around, but then again now they have got the death star gunner as the imperial technician...

Sure the games not going to be exactly true to the movies, but they change stuff to make the game more playable and fun. I mean BF has always been a bit of a "what if" game anyway. What if the rebels and the empire fought on Dagobah? What if the rebels managed to win the battle of Hoth? I could understand not wanting these kind of inconsistancies in the campaign, that's supposed to reinact the movies. But in single player and multiplayer they can be a little more lenient.

and I really hope they include at least Bespin and hopefully Rhen Var in BF2

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