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The Sisters' Quarters

"Have you given any thought as to who should be leading us?" Tanara asked suddenly, looking up from the manuals they were working with. Elaina frowned thoughtfully and shrugged.

"I guess I haven't given it much thought," she answered. "I'd pick you..."

"Oh, no you don't!" Tanara interupted in astonishment.

"As I was saying," Elaina frowned. "I'd pick you, but I gather you don't know much more than I do."

"Right," Tanara agreed. "In my opinion, the leader should be somebody who really knows what's going on here."

"Heimdall," Elaina said thoughtfully. "A lot seems to revolve around him here. I guess he'd be my first choice."

"Same here," Tanara agreed. "And as for the others?"

"I can't say I know them well enough to answer that," Elaina answered. "Maybe Idun or Idona... I don't know."

"They're good for training us, I'll admit," Tanara said slowly. "But we don't know if they'd make good leaders or not. What about Sir-Vin?"

"The guy who came up not long after I got here?" Elaina wondered. "He seemed a little out of it... like he was drugged or something... I don't know."

"He disappeared in battle," Tanara said. "Only to return like that... I see what you mean. Hm, maybe he's not the perfect example of a leader."

"Viddall?" Elaina wondered. "I think that's the name... what of him?"

"You haven't been here long and you're already catching most of the names," Tanara grinned. "But I think some people might not be incredibly happy if two Aesir were put in command. What about Guy?"

"Was he the one talking to the gargoyle in the cargo hold?" Elaina asked. "Well, he certainly seems to know a good little bit. He knew who you were talking about when you spoke of that Aren person."

"He seems like he'd be a reluctant leader," Tanara said. "But I think he'd be good at it if he had to be."

"Asgardried," Elaina said. "Put in our votes. Heimdall and Guy."

"We're agreed on this," Tanara added. Then, they went back to studying.

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