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The simple solution which is the most likely, due to time and work, will be to play as one, with a few very early options in which your actions will determine your previous character, something will happen, and you'll be back at level 1 again, then you'll talk to someone, during conversation you'll explain your history and how and why you are where you are, then, this could be either immediate, or worked in slowly, you will eventually explain the other's history or follow the pattern of TSL, either way you will learn something you never would have dreamed of before (they did leave that open for both characters)

My choice though would be to choose Revan or Exile at the start of the game and have two different stories playable, you will use each of them to piece events together, and as a combined product, you will partake of a third story which you use both, one, or the other, every single variation of these will yield a unique story, resulting in replayability hours in the high hundreds, with a streamlined version for the impatient (all side quests optional)

I would have to disagree with D though about Revan, simply because Bastila is a better story choice than Carth, there didn't seem to be as much interaction with him as Bastila, leading me to believe that male was the intended gender, even though there was good support for female as well,
I think it is the reverse, Revan M, Exile F, seeing how their respective strengths are Power and Manipulation (yeah kinda a joke, but still a little sense to it.)

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