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well i dont have any ideas but if i did it would probably be about a Podracing Championship, lol.

Stu had caught a glimpse of who he thought was Jax running of into the distance, he knew that his mind was playing tricks on him, the last few days for him were a blurr, although he had found scrap parts of discarded Droids and ships around the area. He managed to build himself a make-do Ship, the energy levels were low so once he hit space he would have to quickly get to a nearby cruiser.

"I just hope to hell that this works!"
Stu was able to get flying even though it was a serious struggle,He saw a rebel cruiser an indicator showed that the ship was called the 'Ghost Town.' He hoped that it wasnt one. he began to black out and with his last moments of conciousnus he typed in the co-ordinantes to the Ghost Town.

"I hope someones there."
Stu Then Blacked Out as his ship flew towards the Ghost Town......

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