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"sir an unidentified ship sir coming towards our position"
"i see it"
"shall we open fire sir"
"no, send out recon droids to search ofr life, make sure they have live feeds"
"yes sir, im on it"
As the recon droids were being prepared, Jax felt something
"captain we need to start fortifying the planet if we hope to engage the imperials sucesfully"
"oh coarse, Adequate 5, i repeat cruiser adequate 5 do you copy?"
"this is captain Johnson of the adequate 5, how may i help?"
"Johnson, what is you position?"
"we're closing in ou your position captain"
"change your coarse, set a coarse for the planet below, it is uncharted, set up a base and as quickly as possible"
"yes sir, but....we alone can not hold that planet of the imperials are going to attack"
"do not worry Johnson, i believe Caotain Gennaid of the "lawrence arm" will asist you"
"The lawrence arm? am i hearin you right?"
"you are"
the lawrence arm was possibly the biggest rebel ship, it could hold more men that any oher cruiser. It's precise numbmber was unknown. it could aslo caryy vast amounts of weapons, cannons, guns, speeders and other land assualt vehicles.
"Good god"
"also Fat wreck will be joining"
"what? two of the biggest rebel craft! what going on here sir?"
"this the fight- just do it....and good luck"
"yes sir, you too, over and out"
The captain sat back. The recon droids had tarced life. the person was unconsious.
Jax had gone to the hanger to meet the ship. When he saw Stu's limp body being taken out of the cock-pit he rushed forwards. He grabbed stu and flung him over his shoulder. He took him to the medical lab. He told the droid when he came around to tell him to come and find him. Jax went nback to the hanger. All of the pilots onbaord the ship where there in their jump suits. they were ready.
Jax stood infront of them, some looking egar some scared.
"The time has come" he said
"The empire is launching an asualt on us"
"whats new?" said a young pilot
"whats new is this time, it could be the end"
There was silence
"The emperors servant-"
Gasps from the crowed
"-is coming and we are going to go out there and-"
"We can not run from this, this is it, what we've been training for"
"No Buts, I know that you're scared but we will fight!"
A cheer rose from the crowd
"The emperors think's we're push over but we'll show him what real pilots are capable of!"
Another cheer
"everyone, ready your ships and be prepared"
Jax turned, over his inter-comm he heard Dave say he had found Mira and Gus and would be returning shortly
Jax knew this could be his final hour, he went to his room and sat on the bed silently. wating...


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